The Student Success Centre at Briercrest College and Seminary has been established to enhance the learning experience of our college and seminary students. Our desire to see students live out their God-given potential shapes our support and services. We work with students to help them persevere academically, set learning goals, and develop skills that would increase their learning potential and establish valuable decision-making practices that can be carried on throughout their life.

The Student Success Centre, though available to all students, has a mandate to provide support for students with learning or physical disabilities, and students on an academic contract. Our goal is to ensure equal academic opportunities for all and to empower students to overcome myths and false beliefs about their potential.

View the programs and services offered at a quick glance (PDF also available):    

SSC Services

 Academic Support

 The Student Success Centre offers academic support to students in the following ways:

  • Bridging Support aims to help first-year students make that smooth transition from high school and/or from being out of school to higher education.
  • Academic Coaching aims to help students strengthen foundational skills necessary for successful learning and to foster a growth mindset.
  • Academic Accommodations aims to even the playing field for students who have short-term or permanent learning or physical disabilities.
  • Academic Recovery aims to help students who have experienced difficulties in higher education to improve their study skills and to achieve academic goals.
  • Tips & Tools aims to provide students helpful links to resources and tools.